History of Petrol Plus™

Petrol PlusTM is a fuel card and loyalty system that uses secure smart card technology. It has been field proven by hundreds of fuel retailers in Africa and Eastern Europe for over 20 years.

Petrol PlusTM was originally developed in Russia and has been continuously enhanced. It was specifically designed for emerging markets where power supply and telecoms networks may not be reliable and yet it enables progressive modern fuel retailers to conduct sophisticated marketing activities.

Processing Services Ltd. continues to enhance Petrol PlusTM to keep pace with technology trends and to meet the specific requirements of our customers in Africa.

Processing Services Ltd. provides all of the specialist hardware, software, skills and experience required to launch and operate a successful fuel card offering.

We are a “one stop shop” for Fuel Retailers wanting to offer a high quality fuel card solution.

Petrol PlusTM

Petrol PlusTM is a fuel card and loyalty solution for fuel retailers of all sizes. It is a tool for attracting and retaining fleet owners who require control of fleet expenses.

Petrol Plus™ enables fuel retailers to offer a private label card payment solution without the extremely high fees normally charged by banks.

How Petrol PlusTM WorksHow Petrol PlusTM Works
Petrol PlusTM Features and BenefitsPetrol PlusTM Features and Benefits