How it Works

At the Fuel Retailer

The Sales team is able to offer customers a wide variety of card types (Pre-paid, Post-Paid, Rechargeable) and card schemes (sophisticated discount structures) thus enabling customised proposals and increased sales volumes.

The Card Administration team will manage customer accounts, issue and manage cards, manage the network of payment terminals, and support staff at the service stations. They can produce and distribute reports for customers, or information can be view via the Petrol Plus™ web-portal.

The Finance team will invoice customers and collect payments, reimburse independent service station operators (if applicable) and ensure business controls are complied with. Petrol Plus™ can easily be integrated with ERP systems to improve business controls and automate accounting functions.

The Information Technology team will provide and maintain the server and communications infrastructure on which Petrol Plus™ is hosted, and administer the Oracle database management system. They will also perform upgrades of Petrol Plus™

At the Service Station

A Manager or Supervisor will open a shift on the payment terminal and activate Pump Attendants working on the shift (optional). This person will authorise any refunds and recharging of cards, and can be held accountable for all transactions performed during the shift.

Note: We use smart cards (not magnetic stripe cards) with chips provided by Gemalto, the world’s leading manufacturer. The chip is personalised for the Vehicle / Driver using specialised equipment to encode the chip and print on the card (optional).

The Driver will present a smartcard which the Pump Attendant will insert in the payment terminal to perform the payment transaction. The Driver will be required to enter the PIN for the card, and may be required to present a Driver Identification Tag (optional).

The Pump Attendant will enter the product and amount purchased, and may be required to scan a Vehicle Identification Tag (optional) attached to the inside of the vehicles windscreen. The terminal will print a receipt for the Driver and Pump Attendant (optional).

Note: The terminal will authorise or reject the payment transaction based in off-line mode (it is not affected by poor communications networks) based on parameters on the card and terminal (allowed service stations, products, amounts, Driver and Vehicle Tags, rechargeable card balance etc.).

At the Fleet Owners Office

The Fleet Manager can receive SMS alerts and notifications when certain events occur e.g. account balance exceeds 80% of credit limit.

The Fleet Manager and Finance Team will receive reports to enable effective management of fuel and related expenditure, or information can be view via the Petrol Plus™ web-portal.

Note: the Customer can perform various administrative tasks via the Petrol Plus™ web-portal e.g. recharge cards, block cards, change Card Holder details.