Features & Benefits

Designed specifically for the Fuel Retail industry

The Petrol Plus™ system is not a modified banking system but designed from scratch as a card payment and loyalty solution for the Fuel Retail industry. Customers can transact in litres of fuel, vehicles and drivers can be identified, odometer readings can be recorded and consumption reports provided.

No Banks or 3rd parties required

The Petrol Plus™ system operates as a complete stand-alone (“closed loop”) card payment solution and thus eliminates bank charges (typically 2-5% of purchase value) and the inconvenience of managing multiple suppliers.

Note: The system enables acceptance of cards issued by partners using Petrol Plus™ and also enable cross border transactions.

Secure and field proven

The Petrol Plus™ system is designed around today’s most secure and fraud resistant technologies; microprocessor smart cards and electronic payment terminals. Not a single fraud has been attributed to a failure of the Petrol Plus™ system. Smart card technology enables the card PIN to be validated securely offline i.e. without communication to a server, and allows data to be stored to authorise / reject transactions e.g. allowed products, amounts, Driver and Vehicle Tags, rechargeable card balance etc.).

Not dependent on reliable telecommunications or power supply

The Petrol Plus™ system can authorise payments in “off-line” mode meaning that it is not dependent on a telecommunication connection to a server. This dramatically reduces costs and increases reliability. The payment terminals used by the Petrol Plus™ system include battery power enabling business to continue even during power outages.

Multiple card types and schemes

The Petrol Plus™ system enables issuing of Pre-paid, Post-Paid, Rechargeable cards and sophisticated discount schemes can be configured to attract and retain customer. Payment can be made for fuels and non-fuels e.g. lubricants, convenience store, services and purchases can be denominated in volume or currency.

Numerous payment restriction controls

The Petrol Plus™ system enables the Fuel Retailer’s customer to have complete control over expenditure on fuel and relates products and services. Restrictions can be placed on each card to limit usage to specific vehicles, drivers, products/services, service stations/regions, day & time, amounts per day/week/month (in volume/value) and fuel tank capacity. These restrictions on card usage can be updated remotely.

Vehicle and Driver Identification

The Petrol Plus™ system enables the Fuel Retailer’s customer to restrict usage of each card to one or more authorised vehicle and/or driver through the use of identification tags that must be presented during the payment process.

Web-portal and SMS communication channels

The Petrol Plus™ system includes modules enabling Fuel Retailers customers and their service station operators to access information via a web-portal; customers can also perform various administrative tasks e.g. recharge cards, block cards, change Card Holder details. Customers and Card Holders can request and receive information via SMS.

In-house Administration possible

The Petrol Plus™ system can be operated entirely by the Fuel Retailer enabling it to offer customers more flexible payment solutions and maintaining greater control over interaction with customers.

Note: Processing Services Ltd. can provide outsourced administration and support services thus enabling the Fuel Retailer to focus on marketing their card offering and other core business.