The background

Founded in 1997 with just a few mobile fuel tanks Petrovis aimed at becoming the leading retailer in Mongolia performing service and technology based on high western standards. By 2002 Petrovis had over 20 stations and its primary goal was to advance into the market and attract new clients through the unprecedented level of service for Mongolia. In terms of cashless payment Petrovis used paper coupons and their replacement with modern eet card system was a significant issue.

The solution

In the same year of 2002 Petrol Plus was chosen as the best solution to launch Petrovis private label fleet card system. Not only excellent reputation, vast marketing tools and up-to-date technology affected the choice, but also a high flexibility and customization options played their parts. Petrol Plus was fully customized and translated into Mongolian language – not only the interface, but also all the elements of the system management, which ensured perfect accessibility and convenience of exploitation both for clients and employees of Petrovis.

Cashless payment

Petrovis fleet card management is based on Petrol Plus “e-purse” module with “liter” or “monetary” card account. Both schemes assume limitation of a type and amount of fuel that a card-holder may purchase per day or month. To enlarge station capacity and shorten the time of service Petrovis was supplied with Petrol POS self-service terminals, which could process not only eet and discount cards, but also cash in national currency.

Besides “e-purse” Petrovis takes advantage of a “multi-issuer” module which enables fleet cards to be processed at filling stations of all large Mongolian petrol traders as well as fuel networks in the neighboring regions of Russia.

As for reporting, Petrovis introduced a Petrovis Card Account Manager – a system for on-line expenses monitoring and card management available for clients at company’s web-site. Built around Petrol Plus “reporting” module it helps customers to order new cards, select optimum schemes and manage transactions of the accounts in the on-line mode. So far, Petrovis card holders receive electronic letters with detailed reports on all operations.

Today the share of retail cashless payments has reached 20%, the total number of issued cards has increased up to 12 000.


Petrovis offers discount and bonus programs which allow consumers to get preferences depending on amount of fuel consumed during the previous month. Bonus points can be deemed for monetary prizes or discounts.

Besides regular programs Petrovis widely practices joint projects. Thus in 2008 MasterCard Worldwide, Golomt National Bank and Petrovis issued the first contactless payment card in Mongolia. Apart from the standard bank card facilities, MasterCard PayPass Petrovis Petrol Credit Card gives the holder a 3% discount at Petrovis filling stations.